Feyza Olson

Feyza Olson

Security and Location Tracking

Embracing Change Mobile communication technologies have changed more than just communication between people. They have altered our expectations and daily habits in ways that influence human commerce. People are increasingly willing to embrace new technology that can better their lives and utilize location tracking on a daily basis. With more

Amsterdam: One of Europe’s Top Smart Cities

Using location tracking to make it even better!Amsterdam is Europe’s center for innovative technology and thriving with startups. As the population continues to grow, and more people move into cities, the need for change increases. This new combination ecosystem enables urban planners to create more efficiency and sustainability

How location based services can improve the customer experience

Everyone who is new to GeoSpark and also intends to implement Geofencing in their product, often asks us for the most optimal use-cases. In spite of many interesting location triggered solutions, the best is always to provide an excellent customer experience. GeoSpark believes the winning formula is when you combine
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