Jothi Priyadharshan

Jothi Priyadharshan

Introducing GeoSpark Cordova Plugin

Good news, everyone! We are pleased to announce that developers and enterprises that use Cordova to create apps can now make their apps location aware with GeoSpark Cordova plugin and building location based hybrid application is made easy. Why do developers like Cordova?Simple to Learn: There is no need

GeoSpark 2.0 : Playground Pre Release

We are excited to announce the GeoSpark Playground with a completely new design and new APIs to help you build new location use cases. Public Launch: 15 September 2019 šŸš€GeoSpark: Meta-Data Support, Multiple Origin Trips, Pause/Resume Trips, Nearby Users API and Event FlagsIt's mid August and we have exciting

5 Days and 10,000 lines of code later

Introducing Trips V2Say hello to our new version of Trips feature which now allows you to improve your delivery service with optimized routes and real time tracking. With this new version we currently support below types of trips. Destination Only Single Origin and Destination Multiple Origins and Destinations (Coming Soon!

Build Location Triggered Notifications with GeoSpark andĀ Firebase

Location based notifications are the next big thing. Currently, marketers can target mobile users based on their IP address location, GPS location, and more. Location-based marketing is still in its infancy, but the technology is developing quickly. How it WorksAt the heart of Location Triggered Notifications are geofences. A geofence
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