Manoj Adithya

Manoj Adithya

Location in Agriculture with GeoSpark

1. Track you user’s location Online and Offline: Track location even in remote places with GeoSpark and track activity, delivery schedules, routes and behaviors to analyze and improve efficiency. GeoSpark’s SDK allows you to track your users location during foreground, background and terminated app states also during offline

Engage, Collaborate & Prevent Fraud with Location Intelligence in Banking

Location services presents numerous opportunities for banks. By looking ahead and investigating and implanting technology like location services in support of an experience-driven approach, banks can differentiate themselves, provide value to their customers and stay ahead in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace. 1. Engage customers where they are The combination

GeoSpark 1.0 & Beyond Location

We are happy to announce GeoSpark 1.0 after 8 months in public beta. GeoSpark launched as a location tracking technology on February 18, 2018 on ProductHunt. We managed to rack in 516 upvotes and made it to #2 Product of the Day. It was an exciting day when we

GeoSpark in top 10 in the Accenture Innovation Awards

During the Accenture Innovation Summer Nights, the Top 25 innovations were reduced to a Top 10 per theme. These innovations promise to address societal challenges on a global scale and offer opportunities in the area of ​​social and environmental progress and transformation. From solutions against food waste to qualified learning

GeoSpark has been nominated for the 2018 DT50 Awards

Berlin, May 9, 2018 - Google, McKinsey, and Rocket Internet joined forces with TOA for the 2018 edition of the Digital Top 50 Awards (DT50). Ten Top 50 nominees have been officially chosen in each award category and will be invited to the Tech Open Air 2018 in Berlin, held

GeoSpark raises €500K from Dutch VC Airbridge

AMSTERDAM; GeoSpark is one of the fastest growing developer platforms working on a energy efficient location tracking technology with 90% less battery drain for iOS and Android, today announced that it raised €500K. This Seed round was done by Airbridge Equity Partners, an Amsterdam based technology venture capital firm. "Location

Location tracking technology with 90% less battery drain: GeoSpark

Even if you have the newest model smartphone, the first problem is the battery. This problem starts to show up after taking the phone and using it for 2-3 days. Var Technology giants will not consciously improve battery times ”, of course, but companies obviously have different plans in this area.
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