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Introducing GeoSpark Cordova Plugin

Good news, everyone! We are pleased to announce that developers and enterprises that use Cordova to create apps can now make their apps location aware with GeoSpark Cordova plugin and building location based hybrid application is made easy. Why do developers like Cordova?Simple to Learn: There is no need

5 Days and 10,000 lines of code later

Introducing Trips V2Say hello to our new version of Trips feature which now allows you to improve your delivery service with optimized routes and real time tracking. With this new version we currently support below types of trips. Destination Only Single Origin and Destination Multiple Origins and Destinations (Coming Soon!

Amsterdam: One of Europe’s Top Smart Cities

Using location tracking to make it even better!Amsterdam is Europe’s center for innovative technology and thriving with startups. As the population continues to grow, and more people move into cities, the need for change increases. This new combination ecosystem enables urban planners to create more efficiency and sustainability

GeoSpark 1.0 & Beyond Location

We are happy to announce GeoSpark 1.0 after 8 months in public beta. GeoSpark launched as a location tracking technology on February 18, 2018 on ProductHunt. We managed to rack in 516 upvotes and made it to #2 Product of the Day. It was an exciting day when we

Location tracking technology with 90% less battery drain: GeoSpark

Even if you have the newest model smartphone, the first problem is the battery. This problem starts to show up after taking the phone and using it for 2-3 days. Var Technology giants will not consciously improve battery times ”, of course, but companies obviously have different plans in this area.
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