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5 Days and 10,000 lines of code later

Introducing Trips V2Say hello to our new version of Trips feature which now allows you to improve your delivery service with optimized routes and real time tracking. With this new version we currently support below types of trips. Destination Only Single Origin and Destination Multiple Origins and Destinations (Coming Soon!

Amsterdam: One of Europe’s Top Smart Cities

Using location tracking to make it even better!Amsterdam is Europe’s center for innovative technology and thriving with startups. As the population continues to grow, and more people move into cities, the need for change increases. This new combination ecosystem enables urban planners to create more efficiency and sustainability

Location in Agriculture with GeoSpark

1. Track you user’s location Online and Offline: Track location even in remote places with GeoSpark and track activity, delivery schedules, routes and behaviors to analyze and improve efficiency. GeoSpark’s SDK allows you to track your users location during foreground, background and terminated app states also during offline

Engage, Collaborate & Prevent Fraud with Location Intelligence in Banking

Location services presents numerous opportunities for banks. By looking ahead and investigating and implanting technology like location services in support of an experience-driven approach, banks can differentiate themselves, provide value to their customers and stay ahead in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace. 1. Engage customers where they are The combination
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